Dave Wilson – Owner

Dave Wilson – Owner

David-2My family have been involved with horses for centuries. My father and my great grandfathers on both sides were heavily involved in trading horses and equipment, its no wonder I was destined to also work in this trade.

The business was founded in 1919 by my father initially in transport and haulage which I was involved in, before running a hotel in the 1970’s for a number of years, but I always come back to my love of horses and I have been involved with buying and selling equipment for over forty years, mainly importing goods from all over the world in bulk in order to secure great prices which enables me to pass this on to you, the customer.

With staff members taking an interest in endurance, I decided to branch out in to this area of sales, and Dave Wilson Equestrian was formed.

I take a keen interest in new technology, and sourcing as many products as possible direct from the manufacturers which helps to keep our prices competitive. As a horse owner, I can trial new products to make sure we are bringing you the best.

I take pleasure in bringing new products to you from all over the world.

If you have any questions or need advice of any kind, my knowledgeable staff are able to help you.

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