Xzantrol Decongestant

Xzantrol Decongestant

Xzantrol Decongestant


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Xzantrol Equine Nasal Flush & Decongestant

Give your horse “The Power to Breathe”

  • Clears nasal passages and airways
  • Breaks down mucous in sinus cavities and guttural pouches
  • Helps remove dust and dirt from nasal passages
  • Results in less than 24 hours

Xzantrol Nasal Flush

Xzantrol nasal flush is specially formulated for the performance equine. It works as a nasal flush and decongestant combating respiratory problems. It works by clearing the nasal passages and airways by breaking down mucous in the sinus cavities and guttural pouches. Its unique proprietary combination of ingredients begin to work within minutes of administering so your horse can breathe deeper, faster and easier. Xzantrol helps combat respiratory problems associated with horses that are kept within the confines of  a stable for the majority of the time. The inhalation of dust, dirt, molds and other allergens by horses on a daily basis makes them extremely susceptible to respiratory problems. If your horse has breathing problems, look no further than Xzantrol. Not only is it the best product of its kind, but it really does give your horse “The Power to Breathe”. Works quickly with maximum results in 24 hours. Each kit contains 240ml Xzantrol, syringe with catheter tube. Provided up to 12 doses.

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Aceatic Acid, Potassium Iodide, Saline Solution, Eucalyptus, Camphor Spirits, Natural & Artificial Flavours


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