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Do you have a horse with a problem the vet can’t solve?

Lack of co-ordination? Running to the left or right? Dragging hind leg? Yet the vet says he can’t find anything wrong, but the fact remains there is still something not right with the horse?

With Söderström AB’s Full Hair Analysis, you can detect what is a matter and receive an extensive report on your horse.

Great results achieved, get right to the root of your horses problem.


With Hair Analysis  Homeopathuset Söderström AB are able to detect a strain or dysfunction of a horses system by measuring the cell frequencies. If there is a change of the frequency it will create blockages of the electro-magnetic flows. A long term blockage will eventually cause dysfunctions of the organ connected to the flow. The symptoms of a blockage will differ due to which flows and organ systems that are affected.

By this measuring method we are able to, in an early stage, discover any blockages of the different flows and, most important, as to why this blockage has started.

Level 1 — the general analysis

When performing an analysis, the following areas are always examined:

The condition of the organ systems

The condition of the immune system

The condition of the nutrient uptake

The condition of the endocrine system

The condition of the mental system

The condition of the circulatory system

The condition of the joints and muscles systems

Analysis of the innate capacity

If the client wishes, we are, in the analysis, also able to measure the innate capacity of an individual.

This is mostly done on race horses.

The analysis will then include the following


Level 2 — the performing individual’s capacity

The development of the muscular system — muscle fibre density

The development of the mental system — if the individual has the mental capacity to sustain, for example, stress

As the sole UK agents for Homeopathuset Söderström AB, Dave Wilson Equestrian offers their hair analysis in the UK .

How to order a Homeopathuset Söderström AB Hair Analysis?

The cost of this hair analysis is £150.00

If you click on the Add To Cart button and complete the purchase, you will be sent an e-mail with a link that will allow you to download full instructions on how to take your horses hair sample, together with a form to complete and post to us.

You will normally receive the results of this hair analysis within 21 days of us receiving them, although in busy periods, this may take longer.


Through the years some people have questioned if the hair analysis diagnostic technique is scientific proof. Those practicing traditional western medicine say that this type of diagnose is impossible. They say; the only information that can be gathered by analysis of hair is some chronic dermatologic conditions, genetic conditions, and previous exposure to toxic metals and pharmaceuticals.

We are very much aware of the fact that the traditional western medicine does not recognize that a hair analysis can provide any other information than those mentioned above.

However, there are large groups of medicinal practitioners that claim otherwise, groups which we believe have much more knowledge of the hair analysis and its possibilities than most veterinarians.

We are, with our hair analysis method, able to achieve very accurate and precise results that is working out very well for our purposes, namely to help the horse in the best way we can.

We do not, and have never, claimed that our services in any way will replace veterinarians or veterinary treatments. In fact, almost all of the horse owners we get in contact with have already sought that help. They have had their horses examined and medicated numerous times and at great cost.

The reason as to why they then have turned to us for assistance is that the treatments their horses have been undergoing have not been successful.

The hair analysis is a method that will help us understand why the horses’ in question do not respond well to these treatments, but since these people already have such a strong opinion of the hair analysis method we will not even start to try to tell them why it is such a powerful tool.

As for their claim that it is impossible to get specific information from a hair analysis; we are afraid that we aren’t aware of that fact! Our clients, and we have had many during the 30 odd years of performing hair analyses, haven’t noticed it either, on the contrary, we have repeatedly been told that the outcome of the analyses have been very accurate in addressing the horses’ problems and symptoms.

Hans and Elisabeth Söderström

3 reviews for Hair Analysis by Homeopathuset Söderström AB

  1. Driver Camilla Ivarsson – Dressage & Rehab Team!

    Tubular Bells


    capture“My horse Tubular Bells have always had problems with his stomach. He really has not had colic, but sometimes he has had unexplained fever peaks and sometimes small seizures. I have asked veterinarians, feed advisor and other pundits what it can be like mad with my horse but no one could answer. the thing is that he has always been tough when he is going to work and we have tried to resolve with even more fodder. As soon as we have given more he has become even tougher and more sore in the body.

    2007 he Peritonitis and was terminally ill and no vet thought he would survive. Even when I nagged at all knowledgeable people about what could be the reason of his illness, but no one could give me any sensible föklaring. Years passed and he has competed in all his life and traveled a lot and I was able to figure out that sugar beet molasses, he became worse off.

    May 2013 something happened that is the worst nightmare for all horse owners, buköppning …. Bellan had suffered a fault in the colon and buköppning was the only option. Once they had opened him so they could see that he had colon inflammation. He survived the surgery and I asked again, all the vets how he could have gotten colon inflammation (as well as ulcers). No one could give no explanation and no one could advise me how I could overbuild that it does not happen again …

    I had panicked and felt that the risk of relapse was great and I understood that this had not come over night! My horse has always had problems.

    As the preferred and recommended me someone to make a mananlys. Nonsense, I said! Like that I do not believe. But what did I have to lose? Rather some money than my nice horse …

    One day came the call from His. He talked a lot about how my horse was to ride and what the bridle hung in and the hind legs were stiff but suddenly he said that this is due to an overload in the horse’s system. “Your horse has colon inflammation.” How could he know? I had not told! There and then I became convinced that there is more help to get off from the traditional world.

    Today feeling Tubular Bells fantastikt good and he will get contributions from Homeopathic house as Minesyl, Makrosyl, Ferrum, Gastrofor the rest of his life !!

    Do not hesitate to contact Homeopathic house if you have problems with how your horse is feeling, or performs!

    Camilla Ivarsson

    Driver Camilla Ivarsson Dressage & Rehab Team!

  2. Vibeke Hjarlitz, Lawyer – Injury, BO Jura

    capture-2My 23 old Oldenborg / Thoroughbred gelding has over the past five years had problems with their colon, which resulted in his faeces were always watering and very plaskig with sour smell.

    I had to wash him almost every day. I tried everything I could find on the market – from conventional detergents to highly expensive products – without lasting results. Eventually his breathing impaired and I could only ride him depending on his emotional state.

    The vet diagnosed him with “recurrent airway obstruction,” and I felt very sad because I did not know what I would do.

    I heard about Homeopathic house from a friend and sent a tuft of his man for analysis. It’s the best I’ve ever done. I received a very thorough answers describe both his character and his problems, and what I can do to alleviate them. It turned out he was allergic to oil, yeast and wheat – ingredients in all processed food.

    I changed his diet of very expensive feed (only the best for him – I thought) to black oats, beet pulp and hay, and a 3 month course of treatment with the products recommended by the Homeopathic house.

    Stomach improved immediately and after 3 months began his breathing slowly getting back to normal.

    I now have a very happy horse without abdominal pain and no bloating. He is eager to work and play, and his breathing is getting better day by day.

    I will always be grateful to Homeopathic house and their very accommodating staff who were always ready to answer my frågor.¨

    I probably do not even say that I will continue to use Homeopathic house products to my horse who deserves the best in life and I can highly recommend their services.

  3. Cassie Coleman

    cassie-coleman-2“The first Hair Analysis Report I received was very impressive as it identified the organ that was disturbed, allergies, deficiencies (in detail), nutrient uptake, acute lameness and specific areas to watch for in the horse. I was amazed when it told me what line the horse was on when it jogged, my question was; all this from hair? Where else can you find results from an internal analysis and products to correct the problems”.

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