Elastic Neck Stretcher Bungee

Elastic Neck Stretcher Bungee

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Elastic Neck Stretcher / Chambon

Help your horse’s training with this neck stretcher made of elastic. The chambon includes a hook attachment. Adjustable for all sizes, this is a very versatile piece of equipment. It works gently to encourage the horse to hold his head down and stay collected and rounded without the rider losing the sensitivity of the reins.

Simple, effective aid helps correct neck carriage and encourages effective use of the back
Encourages horse to drop his head, flex and stretch forward to the bit
Runs over the horse’s poll, through the bit, and snaps to girth or surcingle

Elastic Neck Stretcher / Chambon

This is a super-easy piece of equipment that is used for both ridden & lunge work to encourage the horse to work with a round neck. Whilst most commonly used for lunging, it is independent of the rider & has a gentle action, making it suitable for use by all levels of rider.

The loop of the bungee rein rests over the top of the horse’s neck, with each clip passing down the side of the horse’s face, through the bit rings and returning to the girth (or roller) either between the horse’s front legs or alongside the shoulders in the manner of side reins.

The correct length is found by drawing the rein evenly through the locking clip (keeping the clip central on top of the horse’s neck) until a light contact is taken on the bit with the horse’s face just in front of the vertical; the rein is then pressed into the clip to lock it in place. The loop of rein left over can be quite large on smaller horses & is best tucked under the browband or a cheekpiece to prevent it from flapping about. The plastic clips on the ends of the rein attach to the edge of the girth or clip onto a ring when using a roller. Care must be taken when introducing a horse to the bungee rein not to over tighten it & frighten the horse. Although the entire rein is elastic with an enormous amount of stretch, making it much safer should a horse panic, it is obviously better to start with the rein too loose & adjust it later on than to give the horse a bad experience.

Almost all horses quickly find their confidence in the bungee rein & whilst most drop any contact with it pretty much immediately, they do work with their necks round & relatively low, & provided it’s adjusted to the correct length for that horse, it does not cause any shortening or restriction in the neck, so horses can & do work with their neck & back nice & loose. Certainly, the bungee rein does no harm & is safe for use on young horses. Once the horse is accustomed to it, the rein can be used for ridden work also where it can be very helpful in keeping a horse round whilst the rider is concentrating on other points.

A good choice too for softening the neck of stiff horses; as it’s not really possible to argue with elastic, even horses that are accustomed to inverting their necks quickly find their way ’round & down’. A very useful, simple & cheap training aid to have in the tack room.


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