Saddle Pads

  • Fenwick Equestrian Therapeutic Racing Saddle Pad

    £65.00 £32.50

    Fenwick’s lightweight, exercise saddle pad for race horses combines eco-friendly therapeutic Bamboo moisture wicking, anti-bacterial fabric with luxuriously soft, high performance EquSuede.  The combination of the fabrics prevent the saddle from slipping.  This pad can be used with your saddle towel or any specially designed large pad used for exercising.  Our unique back design adapts extremely well to race horses.

    Colour: Grey

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  • Fenwick Equestrian Bamboo Therapeutic Saddle Pad

    £80.00 £40.00

    Fenwick Equestrian has designed a fitted saddle pad that can be used in any kind of competition,  combining our eco-friendly therapeutic Bamboo fabric and our luxurious high performance EquSuede.  A specially designed tab makes it easy to pin your competition number on the pad.  This design has been used by western riders, endurance and 3-day event riders.  The combination of the fabrics prevent the saddle from slipping without the use of irritating billet straps and helps keep your horse’s back drier and more relaxed.  Many people who have tested this pad have found they do not need a half pad with it.  That is your choice.  Our unique back design adapts extremely well to high withered horses.  “A well fitting pad makes your horse happier!”

  • Fenwick Liquid Titanium Therapeutic Saddle Pad

    £90.00 £45.00

    Fenwick Equestrian’s Liquid Titanium products incorporate a patent pending technology which has resulted in the production of a breathable moisture wicking therapeutic saddle pad using our Liquid Titanium smart fabric which improves blood flow without compression naturally. 

    Fenwick Equestrian’s therapeutic saddle pads can be worn as long as you want to ride your horse with no adverse effects, since the Liquid Titanium process will only work on the back when needed.

    The EquSuede fabric, which is on the top of the pad is breathable but also prevents your saddle from slipping without the need of billets straps.  Our unique back design makes all our saddle pads fit without putting pressure on the horse’s spine or withers.  A well fitting pad is imperative for a good performance from your horse!

  • Bamboo Therapeutic Saddle Pad by Fenwick Equestrian

    £59.95 £41.65

    Fenwick Equestrian Bamboo Therapeutic Saddle Pad

    A lightweight, universal saddle pad combining eco-frindly therapeutic bamboo fabric with soft and high performance EquSuede. Fits extremely well and helps your horse relax and perform better. Longer than usual pads to soothe the back of yours horse and make it more comfortable.

    Available in mocha, white and grey colour.

    26 x 24″  or 32 x 16″ size.

  • Zilco Airflow Pad

    £62.65 £56.38

    Zilco Airflow Endurance Saddle Pad

    • Fully breathable
    • Bonded padded mesh top
    • Polyester fibre filling
    • Lined with non slip airflow rubber to prevent slippage
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  • Zilco Puffer Pad

    £38.50 £26.95

    Zilco Quilted Puffer Pad with 800 gram poly fill inner with cotton outer.

  • HySPEED Reversible Two Colour Saddle Pad

    £20.95 £14.00

    Fully reversible pad with extra thickness for comfort. Will adapt with ease to the horse’s shape and the fit of the saddle. 3” line pattern.