First Aid

  • Battles Veterinary Wound Powder


    Absorbent and antibacterial powder Easy to apply creating the ideal environment for optimum healing.

    Available in 20g and 125g

  • Wound Poultice Dressing


    All purpose dressing for wounds, cuts, and abrasions.

    Easy to prepare, handle and apply. Can be applied hot, cold or dry.

    Ensure plastic waterproof backing facing away from skin or hoof.

    An essential for any equestrian first aid kit.

    PACK of 10

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  • Power Phaser Flyspray 500ml

    £20.00 £18.00

    A new generation in fly protection. Combining natural ingredients and active substances with modern long duration technology for a new defensive weapon and a guarantee of protection for your horse, for up to 7 hours.

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  • McTarnahans® Chafing Lotion 16 oz


    A soothing emollient and moisturizing treatment for minor saddle and harness irritations and abrasions. Formulated with vitamin E, aloe vera and lanolin. Also an excellent moisturizer wherever chafing and dryness are a problem. Promotes healing and encourages hair growth.

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  • McTarnahans® Absorbent Blue Lotion 16 oz.


    Absorbent Blue Lotion is the finest quality, superior counter-irritant liniment and warm up lotion. A unique formulation in a thick non-greasy base, provides quick ultimate relief of soreness and stiffness due to overexertion and vigorous exercise. Works great as a sweating lotion to reduce swelling and inflammation. Veterinarian recommended and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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  • McTarnahans® Green Cool Gel 16 oz.


    Part of the “Winners Circle” line of products, Green Cool Gel is a quick cooling liniment in a gel form. Provides quick temporary relief of minor soreness and stiffness while acting as an equine liniment and leg brace.

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  • Cohesive Bandage

    £27.00 £19.99

    Veterinary Grade Cohesive Bandages

    Veterinary grade cohesive bandages Individually clear wrapped and sealed for hygiene 10cm by 4.5m standard size.

    Box of 18

  • Equi-Block Leg Tightener

    £24.00 £20.00

    Equi-Block Leg Tightener

    This is a super strength, deep penetrating liniment that aids in the temporary relief of aches and pains. It acts as a anti-inflammatory and leg tightener; maintaining the normal fluid levels. Excellent for injury prevention and performance improvement. Available in 16 fl oz bottle.

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  • Hexocil Shampoo


    Hexocil Shampoo

    Disinfectant shampoo with nutrients, for use on horses, dogs and cats.

    Thoroughly cleans the coat and destroys most bacteria and fungi which may cause rash, dandruff or other skin problems.

  • Xzantrol Decongestant


    Xzantrol Equine Nasal Flush & Decongestant

    Give your horse “The Power to Breathe”

    • Clears nasal passages and airways
    • Breaks down mucous in sinus cavities and guttural pouches
    • Helps remove dust and dirt from nasal passages
    • Results in less than 24 hours
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  • Splintex Gold

    £35.00 £27.95

    Splintex Gold


    Specifically formulated to aid in the removal of splints. Can be used for  capped hocks, sesamoiditis, early ringbone.

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  • Pharma Blue Lotion


    Pharmacare Blue Lotion

    1 Litre

    Double action body rub works by first cooling then warming the muscles.

    Decreases exercise induced injury.

    Enhances blood circulation.

    Promotes recovery of muscles, joints and tendons.





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