For The Horse

  • Battles Veterinary Wound Powder


    Absorbent and antibacterial powder Easy to apply creating the ideal environment for optimum healing.

    Available in 20g and 125g

  • Fenwick Equestrian Therapeutic Racing Saddle Pad

    £65.00 £32.50

    Fenwick’s lightweight, exercise saddle pad for race horses combines eco-friendly therapeutic Bamboo moisture wicking, anti-bacterial fabric with luxuriously soft, high performance EquSuede.  The combination of the fabrics prevent the saddle from slipping.  This pad can be used with your saddle towel or any specially designed large pad used for exercising.  Our unique back design adapts extremely well to race horses.

    Colour: Grey

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  • Pritex Travel Rug

    £41.99 £28.99

    Pritex Dress Sheet is made of a pritex material which offers an increase of overall performance and value compared to traditional nylon and nylon/cotton blends. It is a combination of proprietary textured filament polyester plus antimicrobial fabric to provide exceptional comfort that will not cause skin irritation, and offers excellent abrasion resistance. Pritex is silicone and latex free, and has a superior chemical resistance to acids, alkali, and organic solvents.
    Great rug for travelling your horse, at events or in the stable.

    Fits 6′ – 6’3

  • Rhinegold Elite Fleece Striped Rug

    £26.50 £19.50

    Top quality anti-pill fleece rug suitable for stable or travel use. Features double chest straps (with eyelets) cross-over surcingles and fillet string. The twin rope binding on the black and the unique colour of the striped fleece create a real luxury look to this top-end rug.

    Blue/Beige/Burgundy Stripes

    • Breathable
    • Use all year round
    • Ideal for layering
    • Shaped to body
    • Chill prevention
  • Rope Halter

    £5.50 £4.50

    Knotted Rope Halter

    Designed to fit most horses. The strategically placed knots apply the right amount of pressure where need when more control is required.

  • Fenwick Equestrian Bamboo Therapeutic Saddle Pad

    £80.00 £40.00

    Fenwick Equestrian has designed a fitted saddle pad that can be used in any kind of competition,  combining our eco-friendly therapeutic Bamboo fabric and our luxurious high performance EquSuede.  A specially designed tab makes it easy to pin your competition number on the pad.  This design has been used by western riders, endurance and 3-day event riders.  The combination of the fabrics prevent the saddle from slipping without the use of irritating billet straps and helps keep your horse’s back drier and more relaxed.  Many people who have tested this pad have found they do not need a half pad with it.  That is your choice.  Our unique back design adapts extremely well to high withered horses.  “A well fitting pad makes your horse happier!”

  • Liquid Titanium Hood by Fenwick Equestrian


    Fenwick Liquid Titanium  Race Hood

    This brand new design incorporates the ear covers with the mask giving this easy to use race hood.

    • Incorporate a patent pending technology which has resulted in the production of the first “drug-free” lightweight, breathable therapeutic horse hood.
    • Made of the Liquid Titanium fabric which is moisture wicking.
    • The fabric works equally well on wet as well as dry horse.
    • The fabric is stretchable, making the mask fit comfortably to the horse’s head.
    • It can be worn with no adverse effects, since the Liquid Titanium process will only work with the body when needed.

    Can be used 24/7 – during the testing phase it was left on overnight successfully with excellent results.
    During use the mask immediately reduces anxiety, stress and nervous tension in the horse.

  • Fenwick Liquid Titanium Therapeutic Saddle Pad

    £90.00 £45.00

    Fenwick Equestrian’s Liquid Titanium products incorporate a patent pending technology which has resulted in the production of a breathable moisture wicking therapeutic saddle pad using our Liquid Titanium smart fabric which improves blood flow without compression naturally. 

    Fenwick Equestrian’s therapeutic saddle pads can be worn as long as you want to ride your horse with no adverse effects, since the Liquid Titanium process will only work on the back when needed.

    The EquSuede fabric, which is on the top of the pad is breathable but also prevents your saddle from slipping without the need of billets straps.  Our unique back design makes all our saddle pads fit without putting pressure on the horse’s spine or withers.  A well fitting pad is imperative for a good performance from your horse!

  • Bamboo Therapeutic Saddle Pad by Fenwick Equestrian

    £59.95 £41.65

    Fenwick Equestrian Bamboo Therapeutic Saddle Pad

    A lightweight, universal saddle pad combining eco-frindly therapeutic bamboo fabric with soft and high performance EquSuede. Fits extremely well and helps your horse relax and perform better. Longer than usual pads to soothe the back of yours horse and make it more comfortable.

    Available in mocha, white and grey colour.

    26 x 24″  or 32 x 16″ size.

  • Kitt Pastern Wraps


    A simple band of extra thick, comfortable neoprene that wraps around the pastern and secures with a Velcro strap.  A lightweight alternative to the overreach boot, for horses that don’t like the feel of a heavier boot.

    KITT Pastern Wraps are available in black in one size.
    Pack size: Pair

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  • Rhinegold Sheepskin Trimmed Over Reach Boots


    Rhinegold Sheepskin Trimmed Neoprene Over Reach Boots with double velcro closure for security. Suede effect outer for durability.

    • Real Sheepskin
  • Rhinegold Stable Medicine Boots


    Rhinegold Stable Medicine Boots are for use in the Stable instead of Bandages for rest, after work, convalescence etc.


    • Offers Leg Protection from below the Knee including the Fetlock.
    • Easy To Put On
    • Neoprene Outer with Detachable Cotton Padded Liner
    • Four wide velcro straps for ease of use.
    • Comfortable For Horse
    • Lowers Risk Of Coming Undone As Bandages Can.
    • Sold in pairs