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  • Hair Analysis by Homeopathuset Söderström AB


    Do you have a horse with a problem the vet can’t solve?

    Lack of co-ordination? Running to the left or right? Dragging hind leg? Yet the vet says he can’t find anything wrong, but the fact remains there is still something not right with the horse?

    With Söderström AB’s Full Hair Analysis, you can detect what is a matter and receive an extensive report on your horse.

    Great results achieved, get right to the root of your horses problem.

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  • Respirafor by Homeopathuset Söderström AB


    Save 5%Respirafor by Homeopathuset Söderström AB (ProCombo #2) Respiramins formula will strengthen the immune system when the horse has sinusitis, respiratory infections or bronchitis, as well as when the horse has been poisoned by mouldy feed. The combination of amino acids, vitamins & minerals in Respiramin are well known for their healing ability in the respiratory system.

    Choose from 4kgs or 500g

  • Gastrofor by Homeopathuset Söderström AB

    £80.00 £75.00

    Gastrofor is a good solution without any side effect when the horse has indication of stomach problems such as gastric ulcers. May be used as a daily supplement, without harmful side effects or fear of overdose.

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  • Macrosyl by Homeopathuset Söderström AB

    £75.00 £60.00

    The magnesium in Macromin promotes the normal function between the nerves and muscles. It relaxes the tension in the muscles and gives the horse rhythmic, well coordinated movements.

    Now in 4Kg Tubs.

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  • Ferrum by Homeopathuset Söderström AB

    £75.00 £60.00

    Ferromin by Homeopathuset Söderström AB

    Save20%This function will enhance performance, endurance and make it possible for the horse to exploit all of its natural capacity. The Ferromin formula is very effective when “turning for home”. Iron will bind oxygen to the red blood cells and, as a result, increase the oxygen transportation from the lungs to the muscles. The oxygen will increase the muscle activities and decrease the lactic acid.

    Now in 4Kg Tubs

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  • Minesyl by Homeopathuset Söderström AB

    £75.00 £60.00

    Save20%Homeopathuset Söderström AB Minesyl – Vitamin & Mineral Supplement – 4 Kilo Tub

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