• Back on Track Combi Bandages

    £54.00 £49.50

    Back on Track Combi Bandages

    These bandages are a convenient pad, wrap and bandage in one. Easy to apply and with very good effect. Increase in blood circulation of up to 50%. Consist of 155 cm Back on Track pad sewn to 165 cm long elastic bandage. Available in black colour , one size.

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  • Back on Track Womans Polo Neck Sweater

    £46.50 £40.00

    Excellent for problems in the neck, shoulder, arms or back areas. Also covers problem areas such as lower back, hips, wrists or elbows. It has modern and stylish look and is made of good quality materials. The polo collar goes up into the neck and the body is closely fitted. Available in black, from XS to XXXL size.

  • Back on Track Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt

    £41.00 £35.70

    Back on Track Womans V-Neck T-Shirt

    Stylish cut, close fitting V-necked T-shirt. Combination of Welltex  and stretch material of high quality. Works well for tension in the back and shoulders, with optimal fit when fabric is in close contact with your body. Available in black and white colour, in XS to XXXL size.

  • Back on Track Back Brace Narrow Front

    £47.90 £40.00

    Back on Track Back Brace Narrow Front

    A practical brace if one is often in a sedentary position, for example whist driving, working or horse riding. The circumference is adjustable with the Velcro strap for excellent fit and maximum comfort. Rectangular pad can be removed separately and your trousers can be used to hold it in place if you wish to wear something particularly slim fitting. Available in black, in S to L size.

  • Back on Track Knee Brace

    £27.00 £22.50

    Knee Brace with Velcro strap

    Knee cartilage regeneration occurs during exercise, which is facilitated if the inflammation and pain subsides. Knee Brace increases circulation and offers relief  inflammation and pain. Smooth and thin material for comfortable wear when under the clothing. Available in black only, in S to XXXL size.

  • Back on Track Ankle Brace

    £29.00 £24.00

    Beneficial for arthritis, achilles and sports injuries, poor circulation and swelling. It is a bit thicker than a sock and offers good support to your ankle. It has an oval shaped hole for the heel and is therefore unsuitable to treat injuries in that are. For the heel, we would recommend the Back on Track socks or insoles. Adjustable elastic band with velcro straps provides excellent fit. Available in black, in S to L size.

  • Back on Track Socks

    £24.50 £20.00

    Back on Track Socks

    Effectively deals with problems such as inflammation or poor circulation which leads to freezing. They work particularly well in combination with the Back on Track Insoles. The best solution to problems with heels as it covers the entire foot area. The optimum effect is gained when used during exercise due to increased heat production. Available in black, in S to L size.

  • Back on Track Shoe Insoles

    £8.00 £7.50

    Back on Track Shoe Insoles

    Strongly recommended for people with poor circulation in their feet. Effect is at optimum when used during activity and strengthened and supported when used with the Back on Track Socks. Creates pleasant warm feeling without sweat and moisture. Sand coloured, and available in 34 – 45 size. Sold in pairs.

  • Back on Track Elbow Brace

    £22.00 £18.00

    Back on Track Elbow Brace

    Made of Welltex fabric it provides relief for soreness and inflammation. Particularly effective for those suffering from mouse arm/carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow syndrome. Works for more chronic problems as well. It is advisable to choose a tightly fitted brace over a larger size for the treatment of mouse arm, as pressure on the sensitive area is beneficial for mouse arm conditions. Available in black, in XS to XXXL size.