• Back on Track Exercise Boots – Front

    £65.90 £55.00

    Back On Track Front Exercise Boots

    To save time and effort the Exercise Boots are an excellent choice instead of using bandages and wraps. Just put them on and start training, and still get the Back on Track Effect. The boots are mainly used to prevent the risk of tendon and ligament injuries. An excellent choice for horses that easily develop fetlock inflammation. The boot is made in sturdy and durable neoprene. It is closed with Velcro straps. Sold separately for front and hind legs.

  • Back on Track Royal Quick Wraps

    £76.00 £65.00

    Back On Track Royal Quick Wraps

    The best and easiest way to rid the horse of bucked shins. These are very popular during transport for the more sensitive horses as they offer better movement for the horse compared to some other boots. With the robust velcro straps, it is easy to get a quick optimal fit around the horse’s legs without having to worry about either tendon pressure or swollen legs. The soft pad is surrounded by an extra thick layer of neoprene for protection. Available in black, in S to L size.

  • Back on Track Knee Boots

    £34.50 £28.75

    Back on Track Knee Boot

    It is used for various problems in the knees (carpus) and the surrounding tissues. Relieves pain and speeds up recovery because of the infused ceramic powder. Ideal for injury prevention and recovery thanks to warmth therapy from ceramic fabric. Available for both right and left knee. Black colour, S to XL size.

  • Back on Track Hock Boot


    These hock boots may be used in the treatment of various different problems associated with inflammation in the hock joints The fabric is infused with ceramic fibers, making it excellent at warmth retention and reflection. Excellent for injury prevention or recovery due to increased blood circulation and natural warmth. Available for both left or right leg in black colour, with or without an opening for the point of hock

  • Back on Track Fleece Bandages

    £55.00 £45.00

    Back on Track Fleece Bandages

    Can be used directly on the horse’s legs to give the best Back on Track Effect. Easy to wrap and no pad is necessary underneath. The elasticity allows them to work well during training.

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  • Back On Track Mesh Horse Rug

    £190.00 £174.00

    Back on Track Mesh Rug

    Back on Track Mesh Rug is a thin rug with excellent breath-ability suitable for all seasons. Lined with Welltex fabric for maximum warmth and comfort, it is the ideal rug to be used alone or in conjuction with another blanket. The rug offers better fit than most other blankets due to mesh fabric’s stretch qualities. Available in black, in 105 to 165 size.

  • Back on Track Rug Fleece Supreme

    £179.00 £149.00

    A wonderful sweat rug with superior quality fleece. Very popular before and after training and during transport. The rug is breathable, it is perfect to use when the weather is cold so that the horse stays warm, especially after exercise. The rug is also appropriate to use when it is hot outside, both for warming-up and cooling-down the horse. Also available with neck cover made of same material. Available in black, in 115 to 165 cm size.