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The Dave Wilson Equestrian Affiliate Scheme

Affiliate Scheme Explained


What is our Affiliate Program? 

Lots of people link to our site because they like our site and want to tell others about it, so we’ve implemented an Affiliate Program to say “thanks” for linking to us and to allow others to share in our success! – We SHARE any money that is made from sales to visitors that you send us – by paying a commission of a percentage of the sale.

How Does it Work?

Whenever a visitor to your site clicks on a link from your website OR from a legitimate email you send out, a cookie containing your unique affiliate ID will be used to recognise the visitor if they visit us again. If this person decides to buy from us now or up to one year future, you will be credited with the agreed commission of the donation.

Anyone who clicks from your link and visits our site will be identified as YOUR traffic and you’ll get paid for any purchases they make.

Sign up for FREE and you can start earning money by linking to us!

Who make the best affiliates?

Virtually any website can link to us and make money. It really doesn’t matter – our appeal is so great. The more your site “reflects” our products, the more likelihood of making sales – but completely unrelated sites STILL MAKE MONEY.

How to maximise your returns:

You can increase your chances of earning credit by having our link on as many web pages as you can and by letting your existing customers or user base know about us in an email (remember to use HTML formatted emails and included your affiliate ID! – You’ll understand all that once you sign up FREE to become an affiliate)

Please Note:

We do not tolerate spam email and hence specifically ask you not to promote this program via UN-SOLICITED email.


Accounts are settled by a PayPal payment to you (The Affiliate) on a periodic basis. You can request your commission at any time whilst your balance exceeds £50.00 or more. You can at any time automatically query your credit status via an online form. Paypal accounts are free and you can get one here :

What Do I need to Do?

You will need to place one or more of our advertising banners*1 or links on your web site with a link back to us. There are no account setup fees, and we will provide you with the banners (selectable from our affiliate banner demo page) and the HTML code to use. You are free to choose any banner or link that suits your site’s layout, or use the default HTML code and image we supply.

How Do I get Started?

You will need to create an account by filling in the registration form. You will immediately get via email your Affiliate ID, a reminder of your chosen password, the HTML code to be inserted into your page and full instructions to activate the affiliate program. As soon as you have activated the program it will become operational. It is that simple!

You do not have to wait for our evaluation of your site or approval, but please do read our affiliate agreement.

Signing up is absolutely FREE!

Contact us today for more information on that service.

*1 Samples of our affiliate banners available







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We are now open!

Staff group photograph
From left to right – Connie, (Sales Admin), Margot, (Accounts), Jacquie, (General Manager), Phil, (Webmaster) and Ben, (The DWE Dog)

Welcome to the new Dave Wilson Equestrian revamped website!

At long last, 2 years down the line, we are up and running.

I hope you like what you see an take advantage of all our new site launch offers which will run until the end of April or while stocks last.

…Come in and take a look.